Why Is Your Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air On Heat?

A significant portion of home comfort systems in Texas are heat pumps. They are among the most effective solutions available right now and are reliable and robust. 

Sometimes, when you switch to heat mode after cooling, you might feel the heat pump hasn’t reversed its operation. The heat pump is malfunctioning due to continuous operation in the summer months. A heating repair expert in Mesquite, TX, recommends calling maintenance service to look after heat pumps.

Three reasons why your heat pump is blowing cold air

It is best if you have scheduled service with a technician; however, until the technician arrives, here is how you can try to fix the problem:

  • Restricted Airflow

Dust and debris accumulate on the components and air filters as time passes. Experts recommend biannually calling the heating services in Mesquite, TX, to ensure the heat pump and its components are clean and working efficiently. 

Dust and debris can obstruct the airflow, and if the heat pump’s components do not get sufficient air, it may not blow warm air as per your preference. 

  • Reversing valve Malfunctioning

Your heat pump might not blow warm air if the reversing valve malfunctions. Reversing the valve helps change the heat pump operation from cool to heat mode. If the reversing valve is damaged or some components are worn out, the heat pump might not operate as you’re used to. 

  • The Heat Pump is in Defrosting Mode.

Defrosting is another element that might make your heat pump blow cool air through your vents. When your heat pump enters defrost mode, it switches to cooling mode, which heats the exterior coils and melts any frost or ice in the system. 

A heating service technician in Mesquite, TX, says the system will briefly blow cool air through the vents since it is in cooling mode. 

Biannual maintenance services can help avoid calling repair services!

If you are looking for ways to keep HVAC problems from disturbing your monthly budget, heat pump maintenance service in Mesquite, TX, is one of the ways. Apart from other techniques to save money, you can biannually call maintenance services for the heat pump to ensure it functions smoothly. 

Here is how maintenance service can help you: 

  1. Cleaning – The technician thoroughly cleans the heat pump unit to remove all the dust. Dust is the main cause of why the heat pump malfunctions. 
  2. Lubricating – After cleaning, it is essential to lubricate the mechanical components to ensure the components glide smoothly over each other. Friction is caused due to lack of lubrication and can cause the components to wear down easily. 
  3. Replacing or Repairing – During the cleaning, the technician inspects the system to find any problems. If there are any, the heating repair technician will quickly repair it to maintain performance.

Bottom line

A heating repair technician in Mesquite, TX, recommends scheduling a repair service as soon as you find the heat pump is working improperly to avoid expensive repairs in the long run. 

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