Improving The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Indoor air plays a major role in maintaining a healthy living environment. To help you live more comfortably, here are tips to help you improve the air quality in your home.

Don't Smoke Indoors - Firsthand and secondhand smoke degrades indoor air quality significantly. If you must smoke, doing this activity outdoors helps to protect the health of your loved ones, as well as preserve your home interior.

Clean Your Vents - The vent system in your home is responsible for keeping indoor treated air moving freely in your home. When you hire an HVAC company like Lavender AC to clean your ducts and vents, they take extra care to remove dirt, dander, and other contaminants that lower the air quality in your house.

Replace Your Air Filters - Dirty air filters can block the airflow into your heating and cooling system. If you hire an HVAC company for maintenance needs, this is likely a task they complete as part of their service. However, if you prefer to complete this task on your own, it is an easy enough job to do yourself. All that's needed is a correctly sized replacement filter. To replace, take the old one out and insert the new one.

Run An Indoor Air Purification System - Despite best efforts, the air inside our homes can still contain significant amounts of allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. An indoor air purification system helps to remove these microscopic irritants, making the air healthier for everyone, particularly those with allergies or other respiratory issues.

Control Humidity - A room or an entire home with high levels of humidity can result in mold or mildew forming. Typically, a properly working air conditioner helps control indoor air humidity levels.

Exchange Inside Air - After a long winter, it's always refreshing to open up the windows to let fresh air in your home before pollen counts increase. By doing so, you exchange the stale, winter air for fresh outdoor air.

Grow Indoor Plants - Indoor plants are not only beautiful and therapeutic, but they also produce oxygen during the daytime and carbon dioxide at night. Both compounds are known to improve indoor air quality. Make sure to match the right plants with your lighting levels to increase their growth potential.

Clean Your Home Regularly - Dust and dirt are just part of life. However, the more thoroughly and frequently you vacuum or sweep your floors, dust your shelves, and disinfect, the more sanitary your surroundings will be. Daily spot cleaning and occasional in-depth cleaning sessions help to ensure indoor air quality is at its best.

We hope these simple tips to improve the air quality in your home prove helpful all seasons of the year.