New Year New HVAC System

Are you looking to make improvements to your home to start the new year? One of the best things you can do is to get a new HVAC system. Many homeowners make do with an old HVAC system or one that's in the process of breaking down. You can make your home more comfortable and convenient with a new HVAC system. You can also save a lot of money on energy costs.

When Do You Need a New HVAC System?

You should consider contacting an HVAC company if you've been noticing issues with your current system. There are many signs that a new HVAC system will be beneficial.

  • Do you hear weird sounds coming from your HVAC system when it's running?

  • Did you notice your energy bills going up all of a sudden despite similar usage?

  • Have you called an HVAC company numerous times to repair your system?

  • Are you dealing with weird odors, experiencing mold buildup, and having problems with airflow?

These are all signs that getting a new HVAC may be the right decision.

A Failing HVAC System Can Be a Nightmare

A failing HVAC system can cause a lot of discomfort. In the summer, you'll have to deal with weak AC functions, which will lead to an uncomfortably warm environment in your home. In the winter, you'll have to deal with uneven heating. Some parts of your home will be too hot, while others will not be getting adequate heat.

Both of these situations can make it inconvenient for you and your family. You can tolerate these issues for some time. However, they usually get worse until you and your family gets fed up. You can avoid the discomfort of a bad HVAC system by deciding to replace it with a new one.

A New HVAC System Can Save You Money

You also have to realize that a failing HVAC system will cost you money. It can easily add another $50 to $100 to your energy costs every month, depending on the size of your home. That adds up over time and results in thousands of dollars over the course of one to two years.

The cost of hiring an HVAC contractor every few months will become a costly expense as well. You have to understand that repairs can eventually add up to 30 to 50 percent of the price of a new HVAC system. It's a smart idea to get a new HVAC system for cost efficiency. You may not have the money upfront to replace your system, so at Lavender AC, we offer our clients various financial options to make it affordable.

You deserve to live in a home that's comfortable all year round. Don't struggle with a failing HVAC system. Decide to start the new year off with a new HVAC system with us. Contact us here to learn how we can help.