Spring HVAC Maintenance Guide

Even though you feel a chill in the air, you can bet your bottom dollar that spring is arriving sooner than you think. That means there is no better time than the present to get a head start on preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. Instead of delaying and waiting for the temperatures to soar to find out your AC unit isn't ready for the hot season, checking out your air conditioning unit today can save you headaches later.

Why Wait Until Tomorrow When You Can Fix It Today?

Regular use of your HVAC system adds wear and tear to the unit. Over time, it could strain the HVAC system, resulting in lower efficiency, higher energy bills, and less comfort in your home. When you hire a professional HVAC company for an inspection, they can identify potential issues and address them promptly.

During a springtime preventative maintenance HVAC service call, some of the work the technician is likely to complete while they are at your home or place of business.

Check the evaporator coil - If the technician finds dirt or other debris on the evaporator coil, they will clean it for trouble-free operation.

Inspect the blower assembly - During this inspection, the technician checks the HVAC system to make sure it's functioning correctly and is clean.

Review all electrical connections - If loose wires get discovered, the technician will tighten or replace connections as needed to ensure operational safety.

Check refrigerant levels - If your AC unit is running low on refrigerant, it can't cool your home effectively. During this inspection, your HVAC tech should check and repair any leaks to prevent further leaks that result in lower performance.

Check all components - HVAC systems are quite complex and use multiple components to function properly. When you call an HVAC company, the repair technician will check everything from the compressor to the motor to the outdoor fan. By getting your HVAC system checked out ahead of the busy season, you can avoid the sinking feeling of starting your system and finding out it isn't running as you expected.

Don't Let The Heat Get The Better Of You This Year

If you live in the Mesquite, Texas area and you want to get an early start on your springtime home maintenance, call the HVAC experts at Lavender AC today. With more than twenty years of residential and commercial HVAC experience, you can rely on our team to help you keep your home feeling comfortable all seasons of the year. In addition to providing scheduled HVAC maintenance, we're available to provide emergency repair services during regular business hours, after business hours, weekends, or holidays. Reach out today to discuss all of your heating and cooling requirements.