Is Your A/C Unit Too Small?

Did you know that having the correct size HVAC system installed in your house plays a critical role in overall comfort and energy efficiency? If you have an improperly sized unit, it can lead to significant implications that impact your budget and your wellbeing.

Selecting The Right Size HVAC System

Regardless of whether you're constructing a new home or you're replacing your existing home with a new HVAC system, it helps to ensure the unit is the ideal size for the square footage and space of your home. Generally, it would be best if you dismissed the idea of basing your equipment purchase on the rule of thumb measurements.

By doing so, you can help to prevent hot or cold spots in your home, and ensure that indoor treated air gets dispersed through your home evenly. If you're unsure whether the HVAC unit in your home is the ideal size, here are signs it could be too small for your space.

  • Your HVAC equipment runs constantly

  • The temperature of your home doesn't match the programmed temperature

  • Your energy bill is exceptionally high

Staying cool in the summer is easy, breezy when the AC unit in your house is the correct size for your space. If you have a unit that's too small, it has to work harder to get to your set temperature and increases your energy bill. It's also prone to damage due to the increased demands, which can result in a shorter useable lifespan. Quite the opposite, here are telltale signs that your HVAC unit could be too large for your living space.

  • You have high energy bills

  • The unit runs shorter cycles and turns off

  • Humidity in your home

Before Buying And Installing A New HVAC System

If you need or want to replace the existing HVAC system in your home, calling a professional HVAC company that specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of heating and cooling systems is a smart idea. A skilled technician from a certified HVAC company takes the time to measure your home to determine which system fits correctly. Undoubtedly, a new heating and cooling system represent a significant investment in your home, so it's always better to be sure the unit you choose is the best size and option for your home.

Get Expert Advice On What Size Fits You Best

If you live in the Mesquite, Texas area and you need help deciding what size HVAC fits your home best, the experts at Lavender AC are happy to assist. Rely on our decades of experience to suggest the best home heating and cooling solutions for your home design. Our HVAC technicians are always friendly, prompt, and professional. Reach out today!