Most of us homeowners and renters at some point in our lives have been guilty of at least one of these bad habits. It can be easy to do something wrong without even being aware of the problem it could be causing. Follow the tips below, and you can turn your poor HVAC habits around and improve the quality of air in your home.

How many of these lousy HVAC habits are you guilty of performing?

  • Forgetting to Change Filters - The most common mistake people make is forgetting to change their air filters on a 1-3 month basis. Not only does a clean filter catch air pollutants, but it also allows the system not to have to work harder.

  • Always Adjusting Thermostat - Understanding the comfort levels in your home and fixing hot & cold spots to improve air balance will allow your system to run on the average temperature at all times. Continually turning your system on and off or adjusting the temperature only causes the unit to run harder, which leads to unnecessary wear.

  • Closing Vents - Sometimes, when we are in a particular area of our home, and the air or heat is blowing out the vent directly in our vicinity, it can be tempting to close vents. Doing this isn't preferred because it messes with the balance of air, forcing the system to run differently to make up for the change.

  • Planting Too Close To Unit - It makes sense as a homeowner wanting to utilize landscaping to hide a big metal AC unit. If done correctly, then there is nothing wrong with doing that, but done incorrectly can lead to many issues. Plants that are too close to your unit can restrict airflow, which significantly diminishes the system's optimal performance. Also, planting too close can cause the foliage to grow into the unit leading to costly repairs, possibly.

  • Not Performing Regular Maintenance - Having your HVAC system checked regularly by a professional is highly recommended. AC techs can spot issues before they become serious problems and give peace of mind that your system is in the best shape it can.

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