Tips for Proper Care of Your Air Conditioning System

When the temperatures are rising, it's reassuring to know that your air conditioning unit is ready to handle the rigors of the tropical heat. And unfortunately, there is always the chance your AC could experience problems, even if worked okay the day before. If you don't hear the soft hum of your AC, or you notice leaks and odors emanating from the AC, this could have you sweating bullets for more reasons than one.

Tips For Keeping Your AC Unit Running Optimally

To avoid inconvenient and expensive repairs to your air conditioning unit, here are a few helpful tips to keep your unit running at its best.

Follow Scheduled Maintenance - If your air conditioning unit has a warranty and a free maintenance plan, make sure to use this perk to your advantage. If the technician finds small issues with your unit, you can get them fixed before they become major repair problems.

If a maintenance plan doesn't cover your unit, check with the manufacturer or supplier to see if they offer extended service protection for air conditioning repair services.

An annual inspection helps identify potential problems with coolant hoses, starter motors, and fans.

Change The Air Filter - For air conditioning units to work optimally, there has to be a clean air exchange for keeping air moving freely through the unit. A dirty or clogged air filter restricts and blocks airflow, which impacts air circulation through the house. Air blockages are a reason why a room in your home feels hot, even if the temperature on the thermostat reads cooler.

When you have blocked air filters, this poses is a double threat. Since the air getting circulated doesn't make its way into the home, it can freeze critical components, causing significant damages to the unit.

Keep The Unit Clear Of Debris And In The Shade - Your air conditioning unit plays a significant role in keeping your entire home cool and comfortable. To help your unit operate at its best level, keep the area underneath and surrounding area free of debris such as leaves, lawn clippings, and other refuse.

Ideally, your air conditioning unit should get installed somewhere protected by some amount of natural or created shade. Heat and direct sunlight put extra stress on the fan, motor, and other components. When cooling larger spaces, the unit has to work extra hard to cool.

Additionally, keeping the unit clean helps prolong its lifespan. The removal of pollen and other contaminants from the surface helps to prevent a burned out starter motor.

Need Help With Air Conditioning Repair?

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